Not your typical black suit - workwear - Lynn Mikolajczak

Your multifunctional not typical black suit

A black suit, the most classic and timeless one. You probably have one in your wardrobe. Or at least a black blazer and trousers that you wear every now and then when a formal business occasion arises – or when you’re not inspired at all. 



Chances are also good that you only wear your suit to business occasions that tend to be more formal. Think of a job interview, an important negotiation or business meeting with the management of a large corporate. 



Still, you can go several ways with a black suit. Especially when you choose a slightly different fabric and model. 

Not your typical black suit

Not your typical black suit - workwear - Lynn Mikolajczak

The nice thing about a black suit with a trendy edge is that you can still wear it for your business occasions. By opting for a different kind of top, a different cut or a small detail, you will make sure that your personality is expressed more clearly. Standing out instead of fitting in, without compromising on professionalism. 

So I chose a double-breasted blazer. This one exudes a little more nonchalance and gives a trendy vibe. This fits well as I am active in the creative and fashion industry, but also represent my own business. In addition, there is a little shine in the fabric. This makes the costume very suitable for a party, a dinner, stylish parading through the shopping streets during the weekend or the upcoming holidays. 

For the trousers, I have chosen a slim fit. Flared pants would add an extra touch of creativity, but I wanted to make sure I could use them for a variety of business occasions. With a shirt for the office, with a colourful blouse during a presentation and a glitter top for a party. 

Black suit - made-to-measure suit - Sumissura - Lynn Mikolajczak

Personalize your black suit

Being able to wear a black suit to wherever you want to go radiates personal style, is comfortable and leaves a good first impression? And that you can wear from desk to dinner and from morning to evening? Yes it exists! 

I have created this made-to-measure suit online via Sumissura. You can choose the fabric, the model of the blazer and trousers, the buttons, pockets and so much more completely by yourself. 

Yes, it is a bit overwhelming at first because of the so many choices, but once you get going, it is addictive.