To this trend, most businesswomen will only applaud. Here are the upcoming suit trends for autumn/winter 2021-2022.

3 suit trends that will define our return to the office and working from home

To this trend most business women will only applaud. The suit trend is still standing, but didn’t stand still. This trend has kept envolving. Wearing a suit creates a great feeling of self-confidence and drive. Therefore, it is no wonder that the suit for women will be back in style next season. Whether as skirt suit or pant suit, the suit looks elegant and chic as never before. In various shapes and colours, depending on the occasion and location. Here are the upcoming suit trends for autumn/winter 2021.

Suit trends for autumn winter 2021/2022

1/ Revenge tailoring

A little tailoring and a little more smartness are allowed again. With the revenge tailoring trend, many women say goodbye to the comfy knits and joggers. But don’t confuse tailored with uncomfortable. There is still a misconception that suits should be uncomfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Suits should always express a certain nonchalance, relaxed and natural. Comfort comes first, without having to compromise on professionalism. Just nothing too tight or restrictive, but with the necessary sharpness and ready for business vibe. 

2/ Relaxed tailoring

Talking about tailored clothes, loungewear will not disappear completely from our (professional) reality. Thanks to relaxed tailoring, we can definitely get on board with and combine the best of both worlds. Relaxed tailored suits fitted with looser silhouettes and more wearable fabrics, will find their way to the home office. Relaxed tailored will become our work uniform as we work and will continue to work from home. This is in order to indulge ourselves with a sufficiently high level of productivity and efficiency, but not yet with the willingness to leave the lounge feeling behind completely. Why choose when both can be perfectly combined. 

3/ Suit sensation

More and more, the suit is moving out of the office. Worn in summer with bermuda shorts, ready for brunch in a fun pastel colour and party proof with a crop top, or no under layer at all. During the winter – prepared for the holidays, costumes are dipped in sequins, worn with lace bralettes and covered in festive fabrics such as velvet. A true suit sensation.


The motto is: there is no such thing as being overdressed. Therefore, feel free to implement the suit in your daily work routine. Worn with heels and in simple, calm colours the outfit looks particularly professional. The suit can be combined with a classic white shirt or with colorful, patterned blouses. This decision depends on the occasion and is up to you.

Lynn Mikolajczak is a former lawyer, business wear expert, trendwatcher and founder of LM Fashion Agency. She aims to make business wear more visible and accessible. Lynn also strives for a better representation of working women in the fashion industry and media in general.