Key takeaways from “How to use Google data for PR”

Key takeaways on how to use Google data for PR

We have it, and we all know how to use it. I refer to the Google search engine. But do you know how to utilise google for PR and marketing purposes to take your actions to the next level? Google is the most powerful search engine nowadays, and the biggest secret is that people always reveal something about themself when they use Google and research tools. As a brand, you can benefit from that by using the data to your advantage.

How to use Google data for PR

3 key takeaways on how you can use Google data for PR

– People show their real side in Google searches and reveals the most candid consumer thoughts or needs, and there is always a person at the end of the search.


– People use Google for inspiration, information to validate or reassure, seeking communities, and buying things.


– Search data is up today, and brands can analyse it over time to see different trends.

How to use Google data?

– Data can help you to cum up with new campaign ideas


– Fascinated truths what people are searching for can use for the content


Trending will help you promote your relevant content or help to provide the right angle to your next PR pitch.

– Don’t take the data with face value, and the most searched things are not always the most popular. Always think that are you seeing as it is or the way you want to see it.

Start using Google data for your next content or PR campaign

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