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Interview – The mission of saenguin suits

Saenguin isn’t just another fashion brand. The mission of saenguin is clear: bringing more women into leadership positions. That’s why they create modern business wear that makes the ever-changing corporate world more easy to navigate. Confident, powerful and empowered, that’s how you feel when you put on your saenguin suit.


We talked with founders Marita and Svenja to get to know how their journey started, how it’s going and what is planned for the future.

Svenja and marita of saenguin LM Fashion Agency
Marita and Svenja

First, tell us something more about how you met each other and started the journey together

We, Svenja & Marita, met during our Master’s in London in 2017. After finishing our degrees, we both went into management consulting and were put into a formal work environment for the first time.


During a vacation to Taiwan together, we talked about our experiences with dressing for work, what we would actually like to wear and how there is nothing out there like that. We haven’t stopped talking about business wear ever since.


We started by just creating one suit, learning what fashion is, how to make a garment. We had some good partners, some mediocre partners and some bad ones in the beginning, all making us aware of what we want, what we do not want and how to actually create a garment and a business around it.

Why did you want to start a fashion brand?

Saenguin exists for professional women to have that go-to-place that supports their careers and them personally – welcoming women’s ambitions and career choices.


Therefore, the focus was never to start another Fashion Brand, but more about starting a brand could really make a difference in how women show up for themselves in their careers and to experiment how to improve an industry that can be very polluting and exploiting.

What made you specialize in suits for working women?

The idea of saenguin was born out of a personal need when we started out in the corporate world. We could not find anything that we truly loved and women’s professional wear options were usually either too expensive, of low quality or not at all made for young women in mind. We quickly realized that there is a whole group of women that are being underserved, and decided that we wanted to change that. We wanted to make it easier for the women that come after us, and stand beside us. We want to give them the feeling that they belong at the table, providing them with their armour to embrace their confidence. While we currently focus on suits, in 2021 we will also introduce other business wear that we believe to be modern interpretations of what business looks like today.

What kind of difficulties did you face while building your fashion brand?

The best accomplishments are always customers that wear our products and confidently go around breaking glass ceilings. During the summer, our black suit made it into the Dutch parliament worn by an incredible young lady that stands up for sex workers and their rights. That truly was a mirror of what we imagined for our products to do and where to accompany women to.

What was till now the best accomplishments?

The positive feedback we receive on our bags. When women come back to us and say that it fits all their needs, our hearts skip a beat.

I am also quite proud that we continued to work so well as a team, despite the fact that we are all living in different parts across Europe and the fact that we launched our product just at the start of the lockdowns in Europe.

What makes saenguin unique in comparison to other brands?

We hope that what makes saenguin unique is how women feel when engaging with our products & brand. Whichever piece is accompanying you to the office, we want it to truly support you. No more annoyingly unfunctional, low quality pieces. We had enough of those in our lifetime. It is time that we get truly fashionable while wearing high-quality, functional business wear that does not cost your entire salary.

What is the message behind the brand?

Confidence! We passionately believe in the power of women. We want to see more women in boardrooms, more women in politics, more women making big decisions, simply more women in leadership. A world in which big decisions are made by a diverse group of people that represents what society actually looks like, is a better one. 

What is the your ultimate goal?

The ultimate goal is to have impact through numbers. Bringing a lot of confidence into the workplace, cheering on women on their way into leadership & their desired careers. We see so many amazing women that are ready to change the status quo and want to impact the world, we want saenguin to be their uniform.


Plus, aren’t we all ready for sustainable fashion to become mainstream and make sure the things we wear did not harm anyone or anything in the process?

What are the next steps for saenguin?

We’ve grown quite fast over the past year, and are very thankful for our amazing community.


2021 will be a big year for saenguin: our product portfolio will grow and so will our team. The fabrics we will be using will be even better, designs even more flattering and functional. Next steps will also include (COVID permitting) more offline presences in a larger number of places.

It will hopefully also include more great conversations with customers, more partnerships with lovely people & a lot of interaction. We always love to hear from everyone and anyone!

Thank you Svenja and Marita for the interview!

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