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Interview – Nour De La Garza

Nour De La Garza is a women’s ready to wear brand from Texas dedicated to creating accessible, quality clothing that transcends trends. 


Clothing should be made to fit you, not the other way around. why our pieces are designed in-house and with different body types in mind. “We are proud to say that we offer a diverse array of sizing, ranging from XS to XXL and expanding”, says founders Alexis and Luisa.


To get to know more about Nour de la Garza, we talked with founder Alexis. We talked about how the journey of Nour De La Garza started, how it’s going and what is planned for the future.

Nour de la garza founder Alexis and Luisa - LM Fashion Agency
Luisa and Alexis

First, tell us something more about how you and your business partner Luisa met each other and started the journey together

My business partner, Luisa and I met at University and immediately bonded over fashion and makeup. We always talked about being business women and the future… little did we know that we would become co-founders. 


After I stopped working with the showroom, I began working on a business plan. I asked Luisa for help with it and eventually realized that it takes a village to build something amazing, I knew that I would want to work with her and grow Nour De La Garza together.

Why did you want to start a fashion brand?

Fashion has always been part of my life. Starting my own brand was somewhat inevitable, but at the same time surprising. It was always a dream of mine to have my designs brought to life; I never expected it to actually happen. I was working for a new showroom in NYC and my job was to contact up and coming brands to participate. It was through more than 100 calls that I realized that I could be doing that, I could be the brand people contact to showcase. 

What made you specialize in suits for working women?

Originally, I was sure I would be designing dresses. Eventually, while speaking with my friends and business partner, together we noticed that there was space for a brand that focuses on women’s needs in the workforce. The time for women is now and we want to be there to ensure they have the ability to access quality garments that are meant to suit them – not the other way around. 

What kind of difficulties did you face while building your fashion brand?

Writing a business plan and executing it are two very different things – we learned that along the way. Being an entrepreneur is like creating your own masters course, except instead of failing a class you have to re-take the test until it works. Learning all the details behind starting a company, sourcing for our collection and finding the right team to work with was not easy. We underestimated the time and research needed for things to be done correctly. 

What was till now the best accomplishments?

The best accomplishment is finding our voice as a brand and creating a successful slow fashion brand that caters to what women need and will be using for years to come. 

What makes Nour De La Garza unique in comparison to other brands?

NDLG is focused on community and building, we are a proud woman owned company and are really excited to provide women with apparel in a wide range of sizes that is both flattering and versatile for the modern-day woman! Our fabrics are comfortable, breathable, and machine washable. Our goal is to continue to grow as a “slow fashion” brand to minimize waste and continue to create garments that will transcend in style. 

What is the message behind the brand?

Timeless style for contemporary minds” Our brand aims to achieve the current diversity and accessibility available in the beauty industry into the fashion industry. We want people to feel empowered. All our pieces are made to enhance your wardrobe or be bought as a capsule collection ! 

What is the your ultimate goal?

Our dream is to have Nour de la Garza be a lifestyle brand,  that doesn’t only offer clothes but a place where you can learn, grow and support likeminded individuals. Being successful worldwide would be the cherry on top. 

What are the next steps for Nour De La Garza?

We like to continue to grow our foot print and offer more great products that you can add to your wardrobe! We want you to be able to trust our brand and become your go-to for quality, accessible garments that are part of your life wardrobe capsule!

Thank you Alexis for the interview!