Düsseldorf Fashion Days 2021 - LM Fashion Agency

Impressions of the Düsseldorf Fashion Days: trends, thoughts and findings

After Antwerp Fashion Week, it was time to visit the Düsseldorf Fashion Days. We visited The Supreme Group, fashion agencies and the DFD festival in the city. In this blog post we share the trends and our thoughts and findings of this great experience.

Fashion merges with culture

Even though it is called the fashion days, the Düsseldorf Fashion Days (DFD), organised by buyers information-tool Fashion Net Düsseldorf, go one step further. This year, not only the usual order days for professionals took place, but also a shopping day for everyone – with retailers, galleries, restaurants and much more. The result was an impressive, pleasant all-round experience of culture and fashion in combination with music and art.


In addition to two trade fairs presenting 300 international brands, more than 600 showrooms as well as many order platforms were part of the project, which also gave smaller retailers the chance to make themselves heard in the big fashion world of Düsseldorf.


Just like at Antwerp Fashion Week, sustainability was clearly present at the Düsseldorf Fashion Days. But this current theme was not only reflected in the presented fashion, but also in the organisation of the event. 


While Antwerp Fashion Week entered into a cooperation with Velo Antwerp to provide guests with free access to rental bikes and called on the visitors to get to the showrooms in an eco-friendly way, the Düsseldorf Fashion Days focused on sustainability in several, different areas. 


The city of Düsseldorf has voluntarily set itself the goal of pursuing 17 Sustainable Development Goals , inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is therefore no wonder that the 7th Fashion Business Award was also presented to an ambassador for sustainability. Heiko Wunder and his green fashion label Wunderwerk are a prime example of environmental awareness in the fashion industry. Also in the partnerships, sustainability was presented. For example in cooperation with Polestar, an electric car manufacturer, who offered green passenger transportation. 


Model Anna Hiltrop acted as the face of shopping day through her passion for green fashion and exemplifying a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

Taking opportunities

While some shops just stuck to their regular opening hours, others took the opportunity to finally open again and create extra visibility and customer experiences during the Düsseldorf Fashion Days. We are convinced that the upcoming fashion season will be about seeing, taking and maximising opportunities. And not just online, but especially offline. To get back in touch with the customers and to build and strengthen personal connections.


Nowadays, digitalisation is of course also a central issue in the fashion industry. The Fashion Net App as a common denominator provides an overview of all participants and therefore creates, in combination with the website, a comprehensive information platform from the industry for the industry. But beside the online experience, DFD did not ignore the offline aspect and provided an outstanding offline experience. For example, live fashion shows took place in the festival centre.

Although the pandemic was still present, DFD provided a great overall experience, good atmosphere and tons of networking opportunities. Focusing on both an online and offline experience, with the common denominator of the Fashion Net App as an innovative tool and with a high focus on sustainability.Therefore we are looking forward to Düsseldorf Fashion Days 2022.

Lynn Mikolajczak is a former lawyer, business wear expert, trendwatcher and founder of LM Fashion Agency. She aims to make business wear more visible and accessible. Lynn also strives for a better representation of working women in the fashion industry and media in general.