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Custom shoes for work

Finding the right shoes for work always seems a struggle for working women. Flats are often too casual and heels are unpractical when you need to commute but are necessary to feel powerful. Sneakers can give your suit a creative vibe, while ankle boots are more appropriate under a dress. Of course, we can buy as many different styles of shoes we want, but what if I tell you there is an easier and less expensive solution? Custom made shoes! Sumissura, known for their online tailored-made suits, expanded their assortment to include shoes as well. You can create your own shoes for work. I had the opportunity to test the service and will tell you everything about it.

Custom made shoes: how does it work?

Choice your base model

First, you start with choosing your preferred style. Sumissura offers 3 base models: shoes, loafers and boots. Within those main models, you have different styles. For example, when you opt for the shoe model, you can choose oxford shoes, monk shoes and brogue shoes. 

Optimize the style

Now the magic can start. You can adjust the main model to your preferred style. You can adjust the tip and sole and details like a medallion on the shoes or opt for a bit or tassel on the loafer. In the beginning, it can feel a bit overwhelming, but the overwhelm quickly turns into pure design pleasure. Moreover, during the design process, you can see the adjustments in 3D. 


Once you found a style that suits you, you can pick your materials. It is here that you can really create a shoe that no one else has. You can choose a different material for each part of the shoe. You can go as extreme or subtle as you like. For example, I opt for brogue shoes completely in black flora leather, but nothing stops you from choosing a different colour and/or print for each part. Especially when you work in a creative and/or innovative sector, you can distinguish yourself through your shoes in a unique and stylish way. 

A large range of sizes

To finish the process, you have to pick your size. There is also a lot of choices here. You can order your custom-made shoes for work from size 34 to 43. You can also choose the W option, where w stands for wide. These shoes are produced with a wider width to accommodate your feet comfortably. Can’t find your size? No problem!  For some models, Sumissura can offer you sizes that are not available on the website. During the process, it is provided that you can easily pass on your size. 

Your custom shoes are made!

That’s it! Once you placed your order, your custom shoes for work are made. They are made handcrafted in Europe. In 15 days your custom shoes will arrive. However, my shoes arrived sooner, after about 10 days. It depends on where exactly in the world you live (for reference, I live in Belgium). 

Custom made shoes for work: my overall experience

I am not someone who goes shopping for shoes very often. That’s why I thought it would be great to design my own shoes at home. While designing, I could look at my own shoe collection and see what elements I was missing to supplement my clothing collection, with a beautiful dress shoe in a shiny black leather as a result. 


So I can only recommend it, whether you are a big shoe addict or not. Moreover, the price is very reasonable. From € 175 you can have a unique pair of shoes for work. And believe it or not, shoes have a big impact on a good first impression. Many people look at the shoes first. So make an outstanding good first impression with the right shoes. 


Look and try it out HERE

custom made shoes for work by Sumissura - Lynn Mikolajczak