Woman behind the suit - interview series for sumissura by LM Fashion Agency - Lauren Simmonds

Creative concept and Content Creation: The Woman Behind The Suit

Creative concept for Sumissura

Sumissura, founded in 2013, is the e-commerce leader for women’s tailored clothing. Sumissura offers customers the complete freedom to personalize their clothing, including suits. Tailor-made means that you can reflect your full personality in the design. But who are the women behind the suit? 

The interview series “The Woman Behind The Suit” was born

That is why LM Fashion Agency created an interview series for Sumissura with women around the world and asked them questions to find out who the professional ambitious woman in the suit really is. 


LM Fashion Agency’s founder Lynn Mikolajczak was the first to speak. Priscilla from Switzerland, better known as The Chic Advocate, and Lauren Simmonds from Delaware and founder of The Fearless Fashionista were also interviewed. 

Woman behind the suit - interview series for sumissura by LM Fashion Agency

The message of the interview series

Not only does it inspire the reader, but it also creates awareness that there is often more to the professional image that we uphold. Clothing is and remains a form of self-expression. With the interview series Sumissura wants to inspire women to start working on their own design, to develop their own personal brand, and to give their career a boost that way. Because you are still your most valuable and exclusive asset in your career. 

LM Fashion Agency is honoured to document these stories and to spread this beautiful message. 


A series to keep an eye on, if we may say so ourselves.