Outfit formula for a summer work outfit​ - Summer work outfit - LM Fashion Agency by Lynn Mikolajczak

Creative concept and Content Creation: The Sustainable Working Woman

Content creation for The Raven Collective: The Sustainable Working Woman

The Raven Collective is an online marketplace who bring together brands and designers from across Europe who commit to sustainability. 


Sustainability is in everyone’s interest. Also for the working woman. Even though she does not seem to be concerned about sustainability with her coffee on the go and many kilometres on the road, she holds it in higher esteem than you think. Moreover, it is about all the small efforts together that we can make every day to make this world a more sustainable place. Like choosing an ethical and sustainable wardrobe


Sustainable work outfits

That’s why LM Fashion Agency created in collaboration with The Raven Collective and a selection of its brands content for the sustainable working woman.


Thanks to The Raven Collective, we were able to collaborate with the labels Canussa, Naditum, Noacode en Pink Maharani.


From the collections of these labels, we carefully selected various items to create diverse outfits for professional women.


We created the following outfits:
Negotiation outfit
– Client meeting outfit
– Spring work outfit
– Business conference outfit
– Afterwork outfit
– Summer work outfit

The goal: an awareness campaign around sustainable work fashion

The purpose of the campaign was to create awareness around sustainable fashion for work.

Via blog posts and social media posts, we launched the awareness campaign around the concept of the sustainable working woman. We created content that can be used by us, The Raven Collective and the brands. 

 From concept to content creation

Besides the concept and styling, we took care of the entire content creation, including project management and execution. 



The stages of content creation:
1. Creative concept: The Sustainable Working Women

2. Preparations: selecting items – moodboard – outfit styling –  brand communication – location hunting – photographer – call sheet

3. Before the shoot: packing – travel – unpacking on location

4. Photoshoot

5. After shoot: packing for shipment to brands – follow up communication

6. Content creation: picture selection – copywriting – creating social media deliverables

7. Planning and distribution

8. Analysis & follow up