Trend – Comfortably productive

“I want to feel comfortable”. A common phrase used to avoid suits, heels and anything that is tight. Thanks to the trend Comfortably Productive, we are able to define for ourselves what business wear means to us, especially when working from home. 

What means comfortably productive?

Comfortably productive refers to a comfortable work outfit that will make you productive in spite of, or precisely because of, its comfort.

What should I wear?

Comfort means something different for everyone. Although no garment should be uncomfortable. Why else would you buy it? Not counting those beautiful Louboutins. 


Besides, it is different for everyone what makes you feel productive.The one is more productive in a full dressed up tailored outfit, while another works more efficient when he/she is wearing the typical comfortable clothes like knits, jeans, homewear, etc.


Moreover, the task will also determine whether you feel productive in a particular outfit. 


Preparing for a presentation in a jogging outfit will be less motivating. Administrative tasks in looser clothing, on the other hand, can make an already difficult task more enjoyable. 


In general, we can say that a certain minimum of dressing up is required to experience a productive feeling. 

Lynn Mikolajczak is a former lawyer, business wear expert, trendwatcher and founder of LM Fashion Agency. She aims to make business wear more visible and accessible. Lynn also strives for a better representation of working women in the fashion industry and media in general.