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Client meeting outfit

Although client meetings can feel like a job interview for your company, you got the job and earned the responsibility of representing your company in front of current and prospective clients. And yes, you might want to take your professional style up a notch, because a good first impression is crucial in this professional setting. But you are also already familiar with the company culture and the clients. So you are in the position to incorporate your personal style into your client meeting outfits to enhance your personal brand. 

Start winning those client meetings with these client meeting outfits tips.

The convincing factor at a client meeting

In the first place, during a client meeting, you need to be dressed appropriately and professional. You’ve got a representative function.


Moreover, you need to accentuate your skills and the extra value you bring to the table. You need to convince your (potential) client that you are the professional they need to work with. You are the one who owns all the skills that can bring them to a higher level. Any doubts they may have about saying no to your proposal must have disappeared after the business meeting. 


The convincing factor therefore plays a very important role here. 


A good balance between verbal and non-verbal communication – including your outfit – can strengthen your power of persuasion.


Moreover, looking the part will also enhance your own confidence and sense of self.  The more self-confidence you have and radiate, the more you will convey this and the more convincing you will appear.

Client meeting outfit

As with a job interview, an outfit for a client meeting starts with a research into the client’s corporate culture. When meeting with clients, you want to be dressed at least at the same level as the client.


When you are active in a semi-formal – formal work environment, you better start with a conservative silhouette like a pencil dress. It’s formal but also not too formal and authoritative like a suit. A perfect balance between looking professional and radiate trust. 


More traditional business attire like a black pencil dress gives room to incorporate and play with textures, fabrics, prints, colours and accessories to show more of your personality – what you enforce the connection with the (potential) client.


For example wearing a scarf implements a more creative yet elegant vibe into your formal client meeting outfit. Playing with textures and details on a bag shows your trendy side. The fact that it is made of vegan leather, shows you are innovative, think long term and take care of the environmental impact of your decisions.

So in general, when it comes to a client meeting outfit, figure out first which basics are appropriate to wear to the meeting – with taking the client into account –  and incorporate colours, prints and textures to make the ensemble more interesting and show off your personality, skills and value.

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