About Lynn Mikolajczak

Lynn is a former lawyer, fashion entrepreneur and trend researcher renowned for her effortless take on work fashion. She builds an extensive experience in content marketing and pr as a consultant, copywriter and influencer. She has been able to create a personal brand out of her passion for business wear and is always on the lookout for new trends and new features to implement on her business ventures and into her daily lifestyle. She is great at inventing creative concepts, fine-tuning strategies, pivoting tactics and establishing business goals in order to execute the plan.


Lynn is ambitious and passionate about what she does and is great at spreading her passion. She is a networker by nature and thinks in opportunities and partnerships.


In 2021 she founded The Acquired and in 2022 she launched her first book “The [Female] shift: hoe zullen vrouwen navigeren in professionele context in de toekomst”

You can contact Lynn for partnerships, collaborations and media request.

Lynn Mikolajczak – Founder LM Fashion Agency

LM Fashion Agency – Founder Lynn Mikolajczak

Lynn Mikolajczak, founder of LM Fashion Agency