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Easy Work Outfit Formula For Winter

SWEATER – Nakd Fashion | COLLAR – La Eva Store | PANTS – Mango | BAG – Melina C 

A winter outfit formula for your professional image

During wintertime, we just want to throw on our favourite oversized sweater, a jeans and warm boots to conquer the cold. If you are lucky enough to work in a casual work environment, this can definitely be your daily work outfit. But when you work in a more corporate structure and/or want to keep your professional image high, you need to maintain another approach. That´s why I created my ultimate work outfit formula for winter.

My ultimate winter work outfit formula (+ benefits)

My ultimate winter work outfit formula is simple yet sophisticated and work proof.
I wear a comfy, but still qualitative and structured, sweater in combination with a collar, tailored pants, a warm long coat and heels or ankle boots.


sweater + collar + tailored pants + long coat + heels/ankle boots

The benefits of the winter work outfit formula

The problems with blouses are that they don´t stay in your pants or are visible underneath your sweater. Moreover, a blouse isn´t that warm at all. By switching your blouse for a collar, you can wear thermal clothing under your sweater. Thanks to the collar, you still look professional and appropriate for wokr. A collar is also an extra touch to your sweater. Go for one with a print or bold colour to bright up your outfit. The same with tailored pants. Thanks to their fit, you can wear a thermal legging underneath while maintaining your professional appearance.