oktober 24, 2019 What to wear

What To Wear When You Have No Time To Get Dressed

SUIT: WE Fashion | SHOES: Tamaris | BAG: Melina C

Wear a suit when you have not time to get dressed

Suits are not only a business essential and a work appropriate outfit. With the increasing tendency to dress down in a workplace, a suit plays still an important and perminent role in our wardrobe. More and more, a suit shifts from a work wardrobe to the casual wardrobe. Of course, you can wear a suit when you have a business meeting, a presentation, a network event or another business-related occasion. But a suit is also an easy getaway when you are in a rush and need a pulled-together outfit in a few seconds.  Also during the fashion weeks,  suits were represented by celebrities, influencers and other fashion-forward people. A suit became, beside a work outfit, a fashion and statement item. 

Stylish, professional and a timesaver

It is not remarkable that more and more people find their way to a suit. A suit is an easy outfit to wear and don´t requires a lot of styling knowledge. You only need to decide what you will wear under your blazer (a top, blouse, T-shirt, turtleneck, …) and which shoes you are going to wear. The chance of wrong combinations is nihil. Thereby, it will save you a lot of time and give you more headspace for important decisions. 

Moreover, you can dress down a suit easily by combining it with sneakers and a T-shirt. When you want to dress it up and put some personality in it, you can combine your coporate black, navy or grey suit with accessories like a statement necklace, bright shoes, a colorful bag, …