Underwear essentials for working women
maart 21, 2020 Professioneel imago

Underwear Essentials For Working Women

One of the most important factors that enable you to look good in your clothes is your underwear. Here are the 3 underwear essentials every professional working woman needs.

1/ Seamless nude underwear

A seamless nude bra is a priority in the wardrobe of every woman. It doesn’t look professional when you see the seams or lace of your bra through your workwear. Seamless underwear is a must when you wear light or silk blouses, linen pants and well-fitted dresses. A white and/or cream-coloured blouse is also a staple of your work wardrobe that requires a nude bra.

Tip: Make sure you are wearing the right size. Assess the fit of your bra very carefully or ask for professional help in your lingerie store.

2/ Shapewear

A lot of woman, in every kind of shape and with every size, wear shapewear. It’s not about hiding body parts or making your waist smaller. Shapewear is developed to create clean and smooth lines that make all the difference to how an outfit looks.

3/ Tights

When you like to wear dresses and skirt to work, tights are essential. Moreover, some dress codes require tights. A lot of people buy cheap tights because they don’t last long. It’s highly recommended to invest in quality tights from good brands. You will see they will last much longer and support your legs how they should.

Before you invest more in workwear, make sure you have these 3 underwear essentials. They will elevate your work outfits and professional image.