november 6, 2019 Professioneel imago

3 tips to recognize sustainable workwear

 BLAZER: Mango | SUIT PANTS: Mango | BLOUSE: Mint&berry

A power outfit does not mean you must only wear designer clothes made of expensive fabrics and with a negative impact on our planet. More and more brands invest in sustainability and take their responsibility for the planet. Zalando, for example, maintains a sustainable label. Thanks to that label you recognize (more) sustainable items. That’s how I found this blue suit of Mango. But how do you recognize sustainable workwear when there is no label?

Even sustainability becomes more important, the problem is that there is no clear definition of sustainability. One label can have the focus on sustainable production, another one uses sustainable fabrics. That makes it not easy for the consumer to pick the most sustainable choice.To make it you a little bit easier, I have 3 tips for you how you can recognize sustainable workwear.

How to recognize sustainable workwear

1. Look at the fabrics

The fabrics can make a clothing item more sustainable. Cotton and polyester are a no go if you want to go for slow fashion, unless they are recycled. Silke, cashmere, linen and wool are the more sustainable choices.

2. Certificates

There are many labels and certificates that indicate whether a fashion label works with environmental-friendly material, recycled material, sets high standards of environmental protection during production, faire trade, etc

3. Buy local

If you buy local, you make automatically a more sustainable choice. locally produced products ensure less transport, less CO2 emissions and will therefore be more environmentally friendly and sustainable.