How To Use The Third Piece Rule To Work
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How To Use The Third Piece Rule To Work

How To Use The Third Piece Rule To Work

It isn’t always easy, creating the right outfit for work. The third piece rule can be the solution for your work outfit struggles. Thanks to the third piece rule you always have a polished professional looking look to wear to work. This is how you implement the third piece rule into your workwear style. 

The third piece rule

The ideas of the third piece rule is that every great ensemble has three main elements. The rule is very simple. Basically, your top and bottom are pieces one and two. The third piece is any other addition like a coat, scarf, jewelry, … It’s the third item that pulls the look together.

A blazer as third item

When it comes to workwear and you have no idea what to wear to work, your third item should definitely be a blazer. Nothing brings together a professional outfit quite like a blazer. A blazer can dress up or dress down an outfit. A plain dress or jeans is looking more professional when you add a blazer. A fancy dress can be dressed down by combining it with a neutral blazer in solid colour. 

A blazer has also the power to make your outfit more interesting and styling but still in a professional way. You can do this by combining your neutral outfits 

The advantages

The third piece rule can make your dressing game for work a lot easier. It will save you time in the morning when you have no idea what to wear to work. Just take a neutral bottom and top and put a blazer over it. Also when you are not sure about the dress code, for example for a networking event, thanks to this rule you can still appear in a professional way.