Estelle is a high-end luxury brand that provides timeless pieces that every woman will need in her wardrobe.
Estelle is specialized in working with high-end luxury fabrics to bespoke designs that will not be found anywhere on the high street.
The brand was founded by social worker Estelle who has predominantly most of her life worked with vulnerable people in need. A percentage of net proceeds from sales will be donated to charities. Although she has a growing passion for working with people in need she also loves fashion and clothing and feels that fashion is a creative art that can empower women to feel confident in what they wear.
Estelle aspires to grow confidence and believes every woman should feel as good internally and externally.

Content creation

The Ambitious Brune organised a photoshoot to create several content pieces to distribute on social media. The pictures are used for the social media channel of Estelle and The Ambitious Brune

On the IG of The Ambitious Brune only we reached + 10 000 people with the content we created.