Professional Image Consulting And Business Wear Styling

Professional Image Consulting And Business Wear Styling

The Ambitious Brune, zakelijke kleding en een professioneel imago voor ambitieuze vrouwen

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it

As a working woman, it has never been more important and difficult for you to get your professional image and business wear right.

Today, there is an increased pressure to look good.
A professional image is important and necessary for your career. 

Empower your career with the right professional image.

As a business wear expert and professional image consulting I can help you step by step building your professional image. 
I maintain a personal approach, so every consulting is tailor-made and adjusted to your needs and career.

That’s why I always start with an intake (offline or online) before we actually start. 

During an intake, I can decide what your career and professional image really needs, and if I can already help you with my lookbooks, workshops or tips & trick during our intake. 

Business wear look book

Navigate through the corporate world in style

Receive your business wear straight into your mailbox via a look book based on your career (goals) and personal style. 



We want to get to know you. 

We will send you a form via email where you can tell us about your personal style, career, goals and the struggles you have with your current wardrobe. 


Who doesn’t love to get mail? You receive your personal business essentials straight into your mailbox. Every item is carefully picked based on your personal style profile.

Is an item sold out or not a match at all? Give us a sign and we replace it by a similar or new item. 


Click on the items you love in your personal lookbook and put them into your shopping bag via the corresponding e-commerce. Every shop we work with guarantees a quick delivery and free return. Experience the fun of shopping without losing time.