from the office to your Valentines date
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From the office to your Valentines date

From the office to your Valentines date

If you are celebrating Valentine’s day or not, there is always a reason to suit up for the office.

Valentines Day is this year on a Friday. So maybe you want to celebrate is straight after work with your partner, husband, girlfriends, … A red suit is an amazing option to go from the office to your Valentines date.

Wearing red to the office

The colors you wear in professional settings and interviews can affect your mood, energy, and how others may perceive you. You want to wear colors that portray positive perceptions and exude confidence, sincerity, and reliability. 

Red is associated with and communicates action, powerful, passion and energetic.

So if you want to be associated with these characteristics, red is definitely your colour. 

If you don’t like red or red is too bright for you, burgundy is a great alternative. Moreover, burgundy looks, in general, a little more classic and professional than bright red. 

A red suit

A suit is maybe not your first option to wear when you go out, especially not when you go on a date. 

This suit is a very feminine one. The belt accentuate your waist. The flared pants make your legs (even) longer, especially when you combine them with high heels. Moreover, the fit of the suits hide all the little flaws we maybe are insecure about as a woman, but accentuates everything we want to show on a (first) date.

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I found 2 similar suits for you to wear from the office to your Valentines date. The first one has a belt on the pants, but you can definitely wear it on the blazer as well. The second one is without a belt if you are not a fan of a belts. Of course, you can always put a (black )belt on the second blazer. 

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