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3 Ways To Wear The Neon Trend To Work

Neon was a trend in 2019, but it will be a huge one in 2020. The runways already turned neon by designers like Valentine and Christopher Kane. But how can you wear this trend to work? Here are 3 ways to wear the neon trend to work. 

How to wear the neon trend to work

1/ Business essentials in neon

Business essentials are the core of your work wardrobe. They give you instantly a professional work-appropriate look. You can give them a more fashion forward look by buying them in trendy colour like neon. To keep it still work-appropriate, go for one business essential in neon and combine it with other business essentials in neutral colours. You can combine neon perfeclty with navy, beige and black. 

Tip: When you combine black and neon, the result is a high contrast outfit that makes you less approachable, but gives you more authority. Combine with navy or beige for a more approachable look. 

2/ Neon accents

When you don’t feel comfortable by wearing an entire business essential in neon or your company or industry doesn’t allow it, you can opt for an item with a neon accent in it. 

3/ Neon accessories

If you’re more subtle with your approach to dressing, opt for a neon accessory instead. A neon bag can bright up your neutral work outfit. A scarf in or with a neon accent can be worn around your neck, bag or ponytail. Of course, you can also opt for a neon coat or shoes. 

Do you dare to wear the neon trend to work?