Get the most value out of your wardrobe.


For work fashion brands who want to reach their ideal customers: professional women

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For other brands who want to attract the community of professional women

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Content & PR

Content strategy

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Content creation

Media relations and press releases

Inbound & outbound PR

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Trends & styling

For startups and professionals who want to do it themselves

Is your (personal) brand not ready for a PR agency? Everybody needs to start somewhere. That’s why we give you the structures and frameworks to do it yourself.

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My mission

My mission is to empower individuals to discover their personal style and create a functional and stylish wardrobe through our innovative digital wardrobe management tool and personalized virtual styling services.


I strive to provide a convenient and efficient solution for managing and revitalizing wardrobes, enabling our clients to feel confident and polished every day.

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My clients & partners

The Acquired Report

The Acquired Report is a comprehensive guide to building and maintaining a sustainable wardrobe that works for your personal style. It offers insights and tips on how to curate your closet effectively, and how to make the most of the items you already own. The report also provides information on how to shop more sustainably and make conscious fashion choices that align with your values. Whether you’re looking to streamline your wardrobe, build a more sustainable wardrobe, or simply find new ways to style the clothes you already own, the Acquired Report is the perfect resource.



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